Kieu Tran | Sacred Spaces

1 - 31 March 2023

Movement and connection are at the heart of the new sculptures from Kieu Tran. Rendered in bronze and ceramic in contrasting black and white tones, these three dimensional amorphous shapes successfully reference both the human figure and its spirit. While the abstracted figures are standalone sculptures, when viewed in their respective pairs, a shared visual language emerges. Made in relationship to each other, Tran’s forms speak to the sacred space created between people in relationship to each other, whether in friendship or in love. Referencing the joy of dance and the elemental acts of the body, the works counter the recent social isolation of the pandemic and point to the hope, possibility and generative energy in the essential act of being together. What results is a language of community and togetherness shared in the landscape of these forms, a celebration of sacred space in the brevity of a moment or a lifetime. 


Kieu Tran created a collection of sensuous, biomorphic sculptures in ceramic and bronze that celebrates connection, intimacy and love in a world that feels increasingly hostile to all three. It is a reminder that the simplest acts of love and connection, in themselves, are acts of resistance against all the negative forces in the world.


Despite the isolating conditions of the pandemic, adulthood and Digital Age, Tran wanted to capture the magic of friendship and beauty of connecting with other souls, in the brevity of a moment or lifetime. She further highlights the special connection and intimacy we can experience with another individual within pairs of sculptures intentionally made together. Tran wanted to recreate a layered, joyful landscape of sensuous, ecstatic forms that embodied memories of love and connection with her husband, friends and family at parties, celebrations, and on the dance floor. This show honors the value of human connection and celebrates prioritizing creating sacred spaces with one another. 



Installation Views