Jarek Puczel | Transition

12 October - 16 November 2021

These uncertain times have examined our ability to be with ourselves. Puczel’s works created during this period inevitably bear marks of sadness and nostalgia for something that has passed, evoking a transformative experience. The characters depicted in his paintings take refuge in safe interiors or vast open spaces, discovering themselves anew after their previous roles and places have been lost and their paths of return have been cut off. This is a transition into a new dimension. As his artistic practice develops within this new environment, Puczel accepts and learns to love such bitter-sweet polarity and makes it the core of his art in Transition.


Transition belongs in the mental space between emotionality and peace as Puczel tries to find the balance between the sensuality of the subject and the clarity of the image. To weaken the identification with a specific realistic embodiment, he reduces and intensifies the painted form on his canvas, purposefully minimizing facial features and avoiding the individual aspects of the character. In doing so, Puczel emphasizes their intimate anonymity and semantic independence within this new and transformed landscape and embraces the projective nature of his paintings.

Installation Views