Kirk Maxson

22 June - 31 August 2021

Maybaum Gallery is thrilled to announce our new artist Kirk Maxson. Featured in this exhibition are site-specific installations honoring nature, the artist's long-time source of inspiration. Collecting local urban plants such as dandelion, thistle, and mallow, Kirk painstakingly transitions them into hand patinated and embossed brass. The results are a regal homage to the everyday beauty around us and the unfailing determination of the wild.


Kirk Maxson moved to San Francisco in 1992, and lived in the Mission participating in the San Francisco Mission School art scene. He exhibited artwork in the seminal exhibition spaces of Adobe books, Scene/Asena, and ESP during the height of the Mission School.

Maxson has created multiple permanent site-specific installation for corporate collections including Genentech Inc., Morgan Stanley Corporate Collection, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Collection, Kilroy Realty Corporation, Avant Corporate Collection, Fresh Connection Corporation, UBM, and ClimateWorks Foundation. Kirk received his BFA from UC Santa Barbara and currently lives and works in San Francisco.

Installation Views