Birgit Brandis | SUBSUR

1 - 31 March 2020

Brandis’ exhibition, SUBSUR, explores what is hidden beneath the surface and dives into a process of transformation. Using color as a material built up over time, she meticulously carves her way through the foundation she has laid, to reveal the vibrant surfaces surfaces waiting to be freed.

"The artist prompts the audience to find an image, reading its structures and references, to associate and to comprehend the visual. Her paintings do not only affect the audience, their genesis is their topic. With that, the artist surpasses the purely painterly composition. In the most unusual ways for a painter, Brandis works the surfaces almost like a sculptor. Her paintings are the result of a forceful confrontation with the material. The physical consistency of color as well as of the base are her topic of research." Dr Dirk Dobke in “The Inventor of Images (or) The Seismograph

Installation Views