Gregory Hayes | While Shedding Shadows

3 September - 22 October 2019

The exhibition features six square format paintings from Hayes’ evolving ‘Color Array’ series. The new series is referred to as Ghost because of the white backgrounds that the paintings seamlessly fade into. 



"I use a predetermined pattern based on the Archimedean spiral combined with the unpredictability of the interaction of my process and the materials used to produce systemic images that are fueled by accidental nuances within confined spaces. I lay down drips of paint on pre-drawn ¼ inch grids. This involves applying paint to the surface of the canvas and allowing it to form natural convex circles. The application process causes there to be multiple colors within each individual drip, and the proportions of the colors change gradually as the process continues. Visually, the drips coalesce to reveal a larger pattern. I try to control the amount of paint in each region equally, but ultimately the paint has a life of its own due to its physical properties and to gravity. I welcome these chance interventions." -Gregory Hayes 

Installation Views