Jeffrey Beauchamp | We're All In This Together, Somewhere

1 March - 15 April 2019

"Navigating our day-to-day is always a balancing act but the choice, to recognize our interconnectedness, can do a long way to temper the isolation we get from ones personal striving. This new body of work comes out of some welcome traction in the studio. This last year got me pushing the gestural candy ribbons alongside some familiar iconography with the realistic elements recurring like a personal tarot deck: The Couch, the Book, the Mountain, the Cloud, the Boy, the Girl. But rather that limiting it to a symbolic totem, can't we celebrate the individual at the same time. Commit to a specific couch or book, a portrait of one distinct cow or raven. We are each valuable as singular. The art of the particular can reach across as a representative for us all as well. In their own way I want these paintings to reassure you that there's a place, beginning in our imaginations, where every color is welcome, each ugly couch can dream, and we're all in this together, somewhere. Here." -Jeffrey Beauchamp


San Francisco, CA - Maybaum Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, “We Are All In This Together, Somewhere,” recent paintings by Jeffrey Beauchamp. 

Beauchamp pushes the gestural “candy ribbons” through nineteen landscape and portrait paintings on view at Maybaum Gallery through April 18th. His bold distinct bush work adds a playful thread that sets the foundation for this whimsical collection. Their narrative is unveiled between the layers of oil paint. Through his use of dynamic light and swirling colors, he fuses classical elements with a distinct contemporary flare. Revealing beauty and complexity, Beauchamp nods at the masters through these dreamy evocative landscapes. Whether spontaneously adding in a woman casually fixing her shoe in a bed of roses, or a broken-in tufted sofa surround by a plethora of novels - he takes us somewhere. Incorporating the realistic elements, he gives scale to the vast imagination that lives within us all. 

Beauchamp’s introduction to the arts was through airbrush illustration and his love for pen and ink cartoonists. His career led him to New York City where he worked in television creating animation for commercials. Beauchamp obtained his BFA from The Art Institute of San Francisco in 1989. Early on in his studies, the works of classic Renaissance masters such as Titian and Giorgione brought his awareness to the warm “Venetian Light.” This quality of light has a direct correlation to the warm California sunsets Beauchamp weaves into his work today. He went on to exhibit in museum shows throughout the Western United States. Including shows at the Sonoma Museum of Art, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, the Napa Valley Museum of Art, Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art and the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA. 

Installation Views