Present Company | Recent Paintings by Rebekah Callaghan

1 September - 16 October 2018

San Francisco, CA - Maybaum Gallery is pleased to announce “Present Company” an exhibition of recent paintings by Rebekah Callaghan. In her premier exhibition on the west coast, Maybaum Gallery hosted the artist and guests at a successful opening night at the historic 49 Geary gallery building downtown. The exhibition includes 23 new paintings and will be on display through mid October. 

Present Company is a vivid embrace of the ephemeral. Bouncing fluidly between the large and small Callaghan’s works draw us in to appreciate the delicate brevity of fleeting beauty and in the next stroke, expand dramatically to engulf the viewer in immense excitement and motion. Springing forth from post-impressionist traditions she invites us to partake in the generous and abundant world around us. 

Her process follows from her worldview. She works primarily from life, drawings, and previous paintings rather than photographs. Callaghan notes that she seeks to preserve the luminosity of hope and joy, lingering in the seemingly mundane to “unearth its disorder, spontaneity, and surprise. Shadows mingle with petals, colors chase shifting light, and the present moment becomes the subject. My paintings are descriptive but not explicit, embracing earnestness while longing for the air of an endless horizon.”

Callaghan received her BFA from Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and her MFA from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She has forthcoming exhibitions in New York and Sirmione, Italy. Callaghan’s paintings have been featured in Forget Good Magazine (Issue 09), the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Title Magazine, as well as galleries nationwide including Ms. Barbers (Los Angeles, CA) and White Box (New York, NY).