Peter Dreyfuss

Working primarily with steel, Dreyfuss creates sculpture that is inspired by the shapes, lines and colors found in movements such as cubism, bauhaus and art nouveau.


Spending many of his formative years wandering through Parisian museums and galleries and later moving to New York and Michigan, he was exposed to impressionism, abstract expressionism, and constructivism early on. Peter began taking photographs around the age of 14 and began oil painting during his high school years. Although he attended an art university for 2 years, he switched to literature, and later pursued artistic interests on his own. Peter has been a steel sculptor for 16 years, primarily self-taught. His art, both in steel and paint, is abstract and non-representational. Peter begins with a concept, and then allows the materials and processes to lead him, with gestural and hand-drawn shapes emerging to produce a balance between intention and imagination.