"The series of paintings  of gallery and museum spaces I have been working on since 2015 questions the gap between the depictions of the world as seen through paintings and the depictions of the spectators who view them in an attempt to bring the two different forms of illusion closer together. 

 A central paradox to any form of realistic depiction is that the illusion of what is depicted is usually clearly separated from the world that the illusion inhabits. I wish to investigate what happens when conventional boundaries become ambiguous,  and attempt to diminish the gap between picture and spectator.

As a painter one usually has three main ways of working: either from observation, or by intuition/ memory, or from photographs. My working process in recent years has gradually led me into a complicated and challenging area whereby I am attempting to work in the gap between these three options as they usually tend to exclude each other.

An important aspect of the work is that it is not based in any way on photographs, although the paintings appear to refer to a photographic depiction. One of my main intentions is to  attempt to construct, and thereby imply, a fictional photographic reference.

The perspective in many of the paintings would seem to imply that we, the spectators, are in fact the painting on the wall,  being observed by the gallery viewers.  And like the paradox of the anthropologist whose presence  influences the behavior of the people and customs of those being observed, I want to reverse the situation and imply that the spectators in the paintings in fact take on the characteristics of the paintings being observed. The question might be: what kind of painting are we?

 I am interested in making pictures which attempt to combine opposites, and whilst appearing at first sight conventional, offer ambiguous readings that transform the reality of the world they appear to represent into sophisticated and endless fiction which distances us from spaces that we think we know. "  -Simon Nicholas 




1987 State Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, Norway

1979 Academy of Fine Art, Istanbul, Turkey

1977 Camberwell School of Art, London

1974 Bath Academy of Art



1996 - PRESENT Granum Kunstfagskole, Oslo

2001 University of Northumbria, Newcastle, England

2000 Oxford School of Art, England



DnB Bank, Bjørvika, Oslo • Oslo S Utvikling (OSU), Oslo • AT&T, USA • Statoil, Norway • Statoil

• Dagens Naeringsliv, Oslo • TV 2, Oslo • Northumbria University’s Permanent Collection, Newcastle, UK • Parabola Estates, Central Square, Newcastle • Old Mutual Art Collection, London • Skien Billed- galleri, Norway • Eiendomsspar AS, Oslo • Cleveland Art Gallery, UK

• Göteborg Konstnämd, Sweden • Bohusläntinget, Sweden • Scandia Göteborg • Bergens Grieghallen, Norway • Unilever Plc, London


2015 - 2021 Grant from the Arts Council of Norway

1999 Pollock- Krasner Award, New York


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Urban Landscapes, Maybaum Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2018 Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway, “Mapping the Studio”

2017 Haugesund Kunstforening, Norway, “ Gallery”
2016 Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg, “ New Work”

2015 Aalesunds Kunstforening, Norway

2014 Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg, “Paintings”

2013 Trafo Kunsthall, Norway “Bjørvika Paintings“

2012 University Gallery Newcastle, UK
2011 Kings Place Gallery, London

2011 Galerie Clairefontaine, “Paintings“
2010 Bærum Kunstforening, Norway “ From the birch series 1989- 1995

2009 Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg “ Kirchberg Paintings”

2008 Gallery Henoch, New York “ Composed Cities”
2007 Clairefontaine “ Atrium”
2006 Gallery Aasen, Ålesund, Norway

2005 Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo, Norway “Tiers”

2004 Galleri Brandstrup “Concourse”
2003 Gallmeri Aasen, Ålesund
2002 University Gallery, Newcastle, England

2001 University Gallery, Newcastle

2001 Tegneforbundet, Oslo “City Interiors”

2000 England & co, London

2000 Galleri 9, Kristiansand, Norway
2000 Skien Kunstforening, Norway

1999 Galleri F 15, Norway
1999 Oslo Kunstforening
1999 Buskerud Kunstnersenter
1993 Philip Graham Gallery, London

1990 Galleri Aktuell Kunst, Oslo
1989 Galleri Garmer, Göteborg, Sweden

1989 Drammen Kunstforening, Norway

1987 Bergen Kunstforening

1986 Richard Pomeroy, London


Group Exhibitions

2020 Art Miami Online, Maybaum Gallery

2019 Art Miami, Maybaum Gallery, Miami, FL

2019  Art Market San Francisco, Maybaum Gallery

2015 The London Group Open
2013 “City Paintings”, Gallery Henoch, New York
2013 “The Discerning Eye”, The Mall Galleries, London
2013 Ruth Borchard self portrait exhibition, Kings Place Gallery, London

2013 Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg
2011 Ruth Borchard self portrait exhibition, Kings Place Gallery

2010 Gal- leri LNM, Oslo “True Color”
2008 Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg “Portrait –Self portrait”

2007 Gallery Henoch “New Talent”
2006 Rosenberg+Kaufman Fine Art, New York “Dealer’s Choice”, Art of the 20th Century, New York
2006 England &co Gallery, London
2006 Norske Bilder, Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo
2005 Flowers Central, London “Small Work 23”
2005 Gallery Henoch, New York
2005 Art Chicago, Belloc Lowndes Fine Art, Chicago
2004 Flowers Central, London “Small Work 22”
2004 Peter Findlay Gallery, NewYork
2004 Jill George Gallery, London
2004 Drammens Museum, Norway “ Visning”
2003 San Francisco Art Fair, Chicago Art Fair Belloc Lowndes Fine Art, Chicago

2002 Palm Beach Art Fair
2002 Norske Bilder, Oslo

2001 England & co, London
2000 Hunting Art Prizes, RCA, London
1999 The Mall Galleries, London “The Discerning Eye”