"I began carving in 1974 and have always worked directly (without a model) utilizing the volume of the material and maximizing the limits of the stone.

My sculpture is improvisational -- my first inspiration was jazz. In my early years in Berkeley, where so many of my colleagues were doing additive sculpture in metal or ceramics, I learned to treat the stone like a piece of chewing gum which I could pull, push and bend in any direction.

Twelve years in Carrara, Italy honed my skills and Italy's artistic heritage clarified my vision. I carved mellifluous musical compositions in Marble. The balance and tension between negative and positive space and the infinite with the finite were -- and still are -- my sculptural concerns.

I've also been rendering imaginary planet surfaces first inspired by satellite photographs of other planets and their moons. these pieces are fascinating to me because of their micro-macroscopic ambiguity.

Stone is a fundamental material. As a man and artist, it is my goal to transform that substance into beauty and give something back to the cosmos." - Paul Bloch


1951 b. 2 November, New York City



1969-73 BA, Studied anthropology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

1971-72 Studied sculpture, Cleveland Institute of Art
1973 Studied Music, String Bass, Cleveland Institute of Music
1974 Began carving, Berkeley, California
1976 Began working in marble, Berkeley
1980-83 Worked for James Prestini, reproducing his plaster desi9gns in marble
1985-97 Lived and worked in Carrara, Italy


1984 Recipient of Athena Foundation Grant to sculpt at the Mark Di Suvero Studio, New York City

2012 Purchase award for 2011 Santa Fe Community College/Horizontal Trilogy 


Solo Exhibitions

2016 Heather Gaudio Gallery, New Canaan, CT

2014 Yares Art Projects, Santa Fe, NM

2014 Heather Gaudio Gallery, New Canaan, CT

2007 Zane Bennett Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2002 Gallery Chiaroscuro, Santa Fe, NM

1995 Galerie Carzaniga & Ueker

1991 Galerie Carzaniga & Ueker (catalog)

1989 Galerie Carzaniga & Ueker, Basel, Switzerland

Sculpture in Public Places

Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Cotai Strip

Colenco Power Engineering, LTD, Baden (Zurich), Switzerland

Reinhardt Druck, Basel
Wachendorf AG, Basel
Bogazzi Cargo Massa, Italy (loan)
Westin Hotel, New York, NY
Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM (loan)
George & Cynthia Mitchell Basic Sciences Research Bldg., Houston, TX


Group Exhibitions

2018 Seattle Art Fair, Maybaum Gallery, Seattle, WA

2018 Formal Dimension, Maybaum Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2018 Art Market SF, Maybaum Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2017 Anna Forre, Aspen, CO

2016 Heather Gaudio, Fine Art, New Canaan, CT

2015 Heather Gaudio, Fine Art, New Canaan, CT

2014 Heather Gaudio, Fine Art, New Canaan, CT
2014 Art Palm Springs, Art Miami, Yares Art Projects

2012-13 Yares Art Projects Santa Fe Also represented at Art Miami, Art Aspen and Art Southhampton

2010 Los Angeles International Art Fair, Bryant St Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

2010 San Francisco International Art Fair, I Wolk Gallery, Napa, CA

2009 Riva Yares Gallery, Santa Fe NM

2006-2009 Salon Margraff, Santa Fe NM

2004 State Capitol Building, Faculty Show, Santa Fe NM
2004-05 Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe NM

2001-09 Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
2001-09 I Wolk Gallery, St. Helena, CA (Auberge du Soleil)

2000 Gallery Zip, Valencia, NM
2000 Vanto Fine Arte, San Francisco, CA
2000-2009 Santa Fe Community College, Faculty Show, Santa Fe, NM

1999-2000 Lumina Gallery, Taos, NM

1999 Christian Chaneau Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1998 ACA Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1997-98 Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ. Stone sculpture exhibit.(catalog)

1996 Avignon en Provence, France

1995 L'Grup Galleria

1994-96 Lo Studio Reggiani, Milan, Italy

1993 Allene Lapides Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1992-96 Galerie Carzaniga & Ueker, Basel, Switzerland (catalog, 1992)

1990 L'Grup Galleria, Carrara, Italy

1988-89 Various exhibitions, Tuscany, Italy

1985-88 Forum Gallery, New York

1984 Allan Stone Gallery, New York

1984 Walnut Creek Civic Art Center, Walnut Creek, CA

1980-82 Victor Fischer Gallery, Orinda and Oakland, CA

1979 Rusty Baker Gallery, San Anselmo, CA

1979 Walnut Creek Civic Art Center, Walnut Creek, CA (catalog)

1977-78 Forster Goldstrum Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1976 Walton Gallery, San Francisco, CA