Maybaum Gallery Participating in 8-bridges

1 - 31 March 2021 

Maybaum Gallery is proud to participate in a month-long feature of Bay Area art with 8-Bridges, a gallery-led initiative to support artists by informing and entertaining curators, collectors and critics with potent online exhibitions of their work. The 8-bridges mission is to maintain a vibrant gallery scene, despite restrictions on travel, celebrations and other larger gatherings. On the first Thursday of each month, 8-Bridges will launch 8 shows of artists relevant to the Bay Area.


Maybaum Gallery's inaugural presentation includes a selection of recent works by Belinda Fox, Erin Eastabrooks, Gregory Hayes, Karl Klingbiel, Jarek Puczel, and Ben Reeves, and encapsulates two distinct themes: One touches on the elusive nature of human connection during this challenging time. The other is process-driven abstraction derived from meditations and practices that highlight the push and pull between structure and unpredictability.


To learn more, visit the 8-bridges website.