Amanda Ramsay (b.1975 York, PA)

Creating abstract simplicity without forsaking structure, my work strives to evoke a sense of place and order, as if derived from an imprint of shapes and patterns that are implanted in the depths of our memory. Our daily lives are filled with infinite impressions from our exterior world, forms which fit into a narrative we build about where we are and what its means. My work is informed by these impressions, but is also an exploration of creating a sense of balance in the moment of observation. I would hope it honors the gift of conscious attention we understandably take for granted. In the studio, while crafting these architectonic mandalas I speculate on that unremitting project of the self, which so sincerely goes about deciphering the present moment.

It is a question that compels me to detach from the natural but often compulsive narrativizing of the world I experience outside the studio in the cultural landscape. Instead, I intensely engage in configuring rectilinear masses and voids, exploring tensions between symmetry and asymmetry, brilliant light and recessed shadow, repetition and randomness, ascension and descent as the eye, and my inner eye, travel the surfaces around the forms